What is a Shift In Consciousness

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For a long time, I believed that I was out of control, and even people and professionals would tell me that I was out of control. The most important part of what I am going to tell you, is that you have to realize that you have the power to completely transform your life in any way that you desire, and all you have to do is simply make the decision – to take Control.

Most of us bring this realization to ourselves through suffering. We go through life, really just lost and without direction, and some of us get a good start, usually by caring people in our lives. You will see a theme, and it won’t be easy to hide. I am going through life just like everyone else, and to be a bit more clear, I was raised in a middle-class-divorced family with step-fathers, and I don’t feel like I was shorted in life at all, but looking back I can see how things could’ve been better.

When I turned 18 and graduated high school, I was excited to venture out and explore the world, and this is really where I became solely responsible for the person I chose to become.

Now, I am not going to tip-toe around. From my understanding, us human beings like raw character. We like stories that uplift, and things that help us feel and move forward, so I will be getting a little personal at times to help you understand what has helped me.


I was lost, confused, and reckless. I mean, I wasn’t a total mess, but being all those things while enlisted in the military didn’t bode well. I was desperate to experience something. Something so much greater, somewhere, but I had no idea what. I stayed in this directionless state for a little over 10 years, and after being hospitalized for depression, insomnia, and anxiety, addicted and intoxicated on medications, I wrecked a motorcycle, and there was the beginning of the end of the old me. My favorite thing I loved to exclaim was “I don’t care”. Well, that attitude took me places. It ultimately took me to where I am now, which isn’t even the destination (and I am not even sure there is one).  I have traveled from the land of the neglected and uncaring, to the valleys of understanding and caring, and it has been quite the journey. I would like to be quite clear, I am still struggling, but the basics of what I am going to tell you are all that we really need to know.

a person holding a small plant in the studio

I could use numerous things to make my point, but imagine if you will, that I am holding a potted plant. I could look at this plant as in one of two ways – that I care for it. I water it. I give it nutrients and sunlight, and after some care it will grow a flower that smelled beautiful and attracted bees that in turn make honey . All of these beautiful processes and things that unfolded simply by caring for one plant.  Now, I can have a potted plant and I do not care for it. I choose not water it or give it sunlight, and without a doubt it will wilt and die. It is absolutely fine that I have chosen not to care for it, but I pay for it blessing unknown. Right?

I won’t ever even know what all I have missed out, by just simply not choosing to care. This applies to anything, our entire world and reality as we know it. It is a literal change in thinking. A shift in Consciousness, and you can choose to do it right in this moment. I was driven into the darkest of places by the neglect of the world, and there I believed and thought I was powerless to escape it’s grip, but no, there is hope. I am not seeking a following. I am not seeking money or fame. I know how to come out of those dark places, and I want to tell you.


It has to start with you. I can’t control anyone, and I do not seek to, but just like I had to make the deep decision to end the suffering, so must you make that same decision. You can be at any stage of life, and it can be improved in any area you choose by taking the power of Care into your hands. It can begin anywhere at anytime, and you can choose to do it to anything. You can choose to care for your own body, and that in itself will reap its own benefits. You can choose to care for you own Mind, by thinking Good things. These are really good places to start! But first we have to figure out what it is to care for something.  I can share all the tips and techniques that I have learned, and I hope now that you have made the pivotal decision to take control. I very much look forward to helping us all get in a better place.

Let’s Keep Reaching Out.



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