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Is the Entire Universe a Singular Organism of Infinite Multi-Related Love?

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Now I know what you’re thinking,”What is this guy smokin’?” Well, the good shit if you’re curious, but that’s totally besides the point, but just hear me out for a second.

Does anyone even know what Love is?

That would be a good start to finding our way to the answer to our question. So, who out there thinks they know what Love is? Personally I had a hard time with that one, but growing up I was just naturally drawn to Spirituality. I loved dreaming since I can remember, and was always out playing in nature – Before I was curious and interested in what “God” was, that was my religion.

Disclaimer: I am a human being that is having an individual experience. The words and emotions that I use to describe my experience are unique to me, and I pick and choose them to the best of my ability to convey to you in the best terms my experience.

So when I use “God”, I can find no other word except “Universe” that can begin to express the enormity of what I understand this to be. And Of course, I began to understand it as a Man in the sky that would punish me to Hell if I sinned. That was an interesting story to me as a child, just as interesting as the story of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny,

But was this how I wanted to base my entire moral belief system? —

That an Unconditionally Loving being that created all things would allow me to burn for all of time, because I lied?

Now, I’m not knocking religion, because without it I wouldn’t have made to the place where I’m at, but I’ve found it’s important to understand that we’re growing all the time – That things change, we change, and it’s natural.

So with that question, that very basic logic, I believed that if God was Love, and that’s what I as a child heard was the fundamental foundation of all religions, how could it possibly not forgive me for a mistake, or for that matter set me aflame and watch me burn.

So at the risk of the eternal damnation of my soul, I went out looking for this “God of Love”, and I found it. What is extraordinary about my discoveries, is that they are all based in Science, Logic, and Personal Experience.

I actually was able to discern what Love is, by first experiencing everything that wasn’t.


Being brought up in a household where people are trying to figure out their own issues from their own upbringing has its challenges. Everyone here is just trying our best with what we have, so we should all be easy on each other. I didn’t have a close, trusting, and affectionate relationship with my Mother, like I have with my daughter. So in essence, I am still learning what you might say is very Natural.

We could say that since loving is doing something, the opposite of love is simply not doing something, like neglect. Like watering a plant – you don’t have to choose to care, it will just die if you don’t.

Society would like to have us think that Love is a nice car or nice clothes – “Look how much Love I have! If you haven’t as much love as I have you aren’t worth my time.” – but if you think of Love as caring, it is all around us.

For example, The Earth and Sun are in perfect tandem and give rise to all living things. The Sun is the highest order of Love known to Us – Powerful and Unconditionally giving to all things, and that’s in relationship with the Earth, who reaches and grows in perfection (known as the Fibonacci Sequence) towards the Sun while giving Air and sustenance unconditionally to all. That is just one relationship, but you can literally break down the order of our known World, Solar system, and Universe, in their entirety, as a perfect balance of relationships.

An Illustration of the Relationship of the Earth and Venus orbiting the Sun


Those are some pretty bold opinions, but I have found in my own personal experience, that understanding that the Universe is fundamentally this way, allows for us, if we choose, to align with it.

Now, I am just not talking out of my ass, and it is okay to talk about the subject of love while I curse, because Love is forgiving and accepting.


Or am I wrong? Is love Judgement?

What does your heart say? Let’s continue shall we.

So, if Love is caring, giving, and we can even go a step further and say it’s sacrifice, can you see how everything comes out of that? Without a doubt your very existence initially depended on it by your Mother. By that painful giving sacrifice, you were birthed, cared for, and sustained. Just as the Earth does the same for Mankind.

That’s Love folks, and from the bottom up, from the very atoms coming together and creating what we call matter, it is all the fundamental principle of Love, and it can only exist through relationship.

We have all heard of the term Free will, but what could that really mean? If we understand that the entire universe is a single hierarchy of relationships of Love, then to have choice to do anything other than Love, might be considered free will. Right?

Like being selfish or causing harm to something, because Love would never harm anything knowingly. All love does is sacrifice, give, and care. Another important factor to understand about knowing that the Universe is complete Love, is that for things to be the way they are so that life can exist, elements must be present that may not be considered Loving, but are still Love. Like the sometimes harmful heat of the Sun – hell you can drown and die in Water. There are atrocities committed all over the planet, and those that do not believe in it say –

“If there was a God of Love, why doesn’t it intervene and end Suffering?”

So for a moment, try to grasp an Understanding of an extremely high vibration of Love? To put this into perspective, imagine a Love so great, that it would Die so you could Live. Now, imagine a Love so great that it would Die for All of Time so that you may Live –

The Love of the Universe is beyond an understanding, that it would die for all of Time, and for All things.

Can you see how our understanding of Love is very finite? Has anyone even heard of anyone coming close to Understanding a Love like that except Jesus Christ, The Prophet Muhammed, or The Buddha. (You might wish to know how I came to understand a Love like that, and that will be another exciting discussion)

So, grasping an understanding of Love like that includes many facets like compassion and forgiveness. Naturally, Love is giving and forgiving, so how could a mindless force of Love intervene without unbecoming Love?

It is so derpy derply obvious, how can there be so much darkness and resistance on the Planet?

Maybe there are some out there that know this, and don’t want you to know – but who really knows.

Stay Awesome.

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  1. Hey I’ve seen what you’ve seen and a lot of people have. He doesn’t come and stop our suffering because we have free will. Not enough people have come together to shut down what is holding us back as spiritual beings. It’s cool though the time is near. Heaven is about to be here.

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