I Want to Drink and Bathe in The Blood of God

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Yes! I want to cut it open and smear myself with gore!

No, silly.

A lot of people aren’t really fans of religion, because it has been warped and diseased by those wishing to control and have power, but listen, the core principle that we need to remember and reconnect to, is Love. All the other shit that is not love, is Man’s Ego and thirst for power. I am certain there have been human beings who grace planet Earth who understand very high vibrations of Love, and this discussion will be sifting through a certain riddle out of the words of Jesus Christ. Please, whether you are a Christian reading this, an Atheist, a Pagan or Muslim, or just someone following their Heart, the information that lies within an understanding of Love will change your life for the better, forever.

What will be different about how anything has ever been translated before, is that we will attempt to look upon what we do here with the eyes of Love.

Love here will be defined as, but not limited to – Caring, Giving, Sacrifice, Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Courage.

“Whoever eats of my flesh and drinks of blood will have eternal life.”

Whoa! What kind of sick person might say such a thing to a group of people! Is he talking about eating his body like a zombie then drink his blood??

Well, RAD!!

…but besides that being a cool scene from the Walking Dead, let’s try to walk down a different path of thought for a moment. Let’s imagine, just for a moment, that the entire Universe is pure Light, and let us also imagine that it is also Love. It is a force that has infinite forms, One of them being the Sun, we could say this is the Male version.  Another version is the Earth, we might say this is the female version that is in perfect relationship with the Sun. We have all heard of the term “Mother Nature”. Right? Well, let’s think for a moment that Nature is the body of the living God. She is bursting like a naked gorgeous body towards her main squeeze, and they are making babies everywhere all the time. Mankind is one of their oldest and wisest children.

I want to add, that I do think it is possible to at any time choose to raise your vibration of Love, and the only real way to do this is by understanding it. For example, how would I understand what it is like to Love something so much I would sacrifice my life for it. Herein lies the struggle of the path of the Heart. It includes understanding the suffering of another, and you really can only do that by suffering yourself.


If Nature is the body of God, it would only make sense that Water is its blood.

 Now we are getting somewhere. Water! It might be considered the highest vibration of love next to light itself. Everything living is utterly dependent on it to exist. Maybe, when he said eat of my flesh and drink of my blood, they were eating food that they harvested from the land and they were all drinking Water? Duh!

He may have just connected so much he couldn’t discern himself from Nature.

It is said that Jesus turned Water into Wine, but does it sound like he might do something like that, or was it possible at a time when Wine was the most popular thing to drink, he showed people the power and beauty of Water, and made it just as special if not more than Wine.

Drink Water and Stay Awesome.


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